NetPoint Pro G2 Family

WiFi Super Access Point with Beam forming

NetPoint Pro 6x2.4 G2
  • Intelligent formation of antenna array beam by smart management of the output signal phase on different antennas
  • Sends a high gain antenna bean towards each client ensuring connection in longer ranes and better indoor penetration
  • Works with normal WiFi clients like notebooks, PDAs and WiFi phones
  • Equals to a 500 mWatt access point with a 17 dBi directional antenna, total capacity of 54 Mbps
  • Interference resilience due to narrow antenna beam
  • Strong link budget for uplink connection with low power clients thanks to the high gain equivalent antenna
  • Connects laptops up to 1200 meters (free space) and outdoor WiFi CPEs up to 20 km (or more, depending on output power of the client)
  • Self-backhauling between the access point in a mesh topology without compromising the wireless media capacity

NetPoint Pro is an advanced Wi-Fi base station that provides superior connectivity and greater range. It enables service providers, communities, and enterprises to deliver high quality services with fewer base stations at lower costs.

The NetPoint Pro Wi-Fi base station is the ideal solution for metro and rural Wi-Fi infrastructure. Based on Netronics innovative, spatially adaptive, beam forming technology the NetPoint Pro has the best performance in terms of throughput, range, indoor penetration and interference mitigation. This ensures that providers are able to offer cost effective, top quality service.


  • Cost effective metro and rural Wi-Fi infra-structures with fewer base stations are facilitated by the extended range and uniform coverage.
  • High quality service level with fewer dead spots provided by the uniform coverage and enhanced non-line-of-sight operation.
  • Smooth operation in urban settings enabled by the high resilience to interference.
  • Smooth support for weaker clients such as PDA’s and smart phones supported by the unique, spatially adaptive, beam forming technology.

Super Range

The NetPoint Pro covers two to three times the area of conventional Wi-Fi Access Points. Superior range means the network can be scaled to reach a larger group of users, yielding higher subscriber revenues at lower cost in terms of equipment and operating expenses.

Uniform coverage & indoor penetration

The NetPoint Pro provides users with a powerful and high quality signal that is not dependent on line-of-sight positioning, and is highly resistant to interference. This results in a much improved coverage with far fewer dead spots and helps eliminate disruptions caused by both fixed obstacles and changes in the environment. The NetPoint Pro also offers deeper indoor penetration than conventional access points. This reduces the need for separate outdoor CPEs and makes easy self-install service a reality, thus enabling operators to effectively address the broadband to residential market space.

High throughput

NetPoint Pro improved link gain and quality increases the throughput and the capacity of the network, boosting throughput for each user. Furthermore, Netronics advanced SDMA technology doubles the downlink throughput that each base station can provide on all frequency channels. Users bandwidth requirements can be adequately met - now and in the future as more users and bandwidth-intensive applications are added to the network.

Interference mitigation

The NetPoint Pro spatially adaptive, beam forming technology effectively filters the majority of interference factors. Further improvement is gained by the use of the NetPoint Pro dynamic interference handling algorithms, which allow smooth operation in high noise environments. The NetPoint Pro allows operators to offer high grade of service in areas with interference and high noise level.

Cost Effective

The NetPoint Pro makes metro and rural Wi-Fi infra-structures significantly less costly to install, operate, nd maintain. Providers can save on capital and operating expenses, accelerating return on investment and making metro and rural wireless services affordable for a broad range of municipalities and enterprises.

Beam forming

NetPoint Pro n Product Family

NetPoint Pro 3x2.4 G2
Outdoor wireless operation, metro and rural Wi-Fi networks present more rigorous demands than conventional indoor applications. Netronics NetPoint Pro base station is based on spatially adaptive, beam forming Wi-Fi technology that is optimized for outdoor and metro network infrastructures.

The Netronics NetPoint Pro base station uses 4 radio transceivers and 4 antennas (Omni in 6x2.4 model and sector 120 degree antennas in 3x2.4 model) , and employs advanced digital beam forming to optimally focus radio energy to and from network clients on a per-packet basis. The NetPoint Pro intelligence resides in customized ASICs and embedded software, which continually compensate for the changing outdoor conditions.

Netronics NetPoint Pro beam forming technology focuses the energy to and from the client, on a per per-packet basis. This focusing process increases significantly the link gain and the interference resiliency of the base station. Moreover, while conventional Wi-Fi technology suffers from the destructive effect of multipath propagation, Netronics digital beam forming technology exploits multipath to its advantage by coherently combining the signals along the different propagation paths to the client.

 Mesh Backhaul

Netronics NetPoint Pro G2M uses standard WiFi mesh technology at 5.8 GHz using a separate radio hardware to link with other NetPoint Pro units to form a WiFi mesh network environments. Netronics mesh backhauling features (like self healing mesh connection) provide a reliable backhaul connectivity for a large WiFi coverage network of interconnected NetPoint Pro base stations. It can easily form a city wide WiFi network.

Technology advantages

  • Increasing the capacity of the network, with more users per node and increased throughput for each user.
  • Extending the range of the node with to three times the coverage of existing wireless networks.
  • Delivering more uniform coverage than current solutions, with fewer non-line-of-sight dead spots - even indoors.
  • Alleviating the latency and jitter that lower transmission quality by minimizing the number of hops between access point and backhaul.
  • Improving the economics of wireless deployment by requiring fewer nodes and much less mounting hardware to cover the same area.

Netronics cost effective Wi-Fi infrastructure, offers uniform coverage with a third of the number of base stations typically required for such installation.

The low number of base station can be translated to over 50% savings in both the initial infrastructure investment (CAPEX) and ongoing maintenance costs (OPEX).

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