NetStream series is among the handful of solutions in wireless industry providing TDM native links capable of transferring up to 16 E1/T1 lines over wireless links while preserving the clock and with no conversion to IP protocol. This provides excellently low latency and makes it possible to cascade links for intercity links and nationwide networks in the order of tens of cascaded links. (more)

Point to Multi Point

NetLink MP series is point to multipoint system with the same reliability and performance figures as NetLink F but designed to connect multiple Station Units (SU) to a base station access unit (AU). NetLink MP is a cell based solution with multiple sectors in each cell. An unlimited area can be covered by any number of cells depending on terrain and capacity requirements. (more)

WiFi Coverage Solutions

NetPoint Pro super access point series is capable of directing electromagnetic power in a narrow angle towards each and every WiFi subscriber in the coverage area. At the same time Spacial Diversity Multiple Access (SDMA) has made it possible to use different NLOS routes towards a single client. This all has resulted a series of WiFi access points with uniquely superior characteristics in terms of distance, capacity and Near Line Of Site (NLOS) and LOS performance to address the exponentially growing demand for WiFi coverage. (more)

Tools and Accessories

The mission for provision of highly reliable wireless links could not be completed without provision of antennas and other accessories complying with same quality grade. Each antenna type is unique by its form factor, size or gain and is superior by one of the above factors compared to the competition.  (more)

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