NetPoint Pro n Product Family

802.11n WiFi Super Access Point with Beam Forming

NetPoint Pro n Product Family

NetPoint Pro N2S G2
  • Intelligent formation of antenna array beam by smart management of the output signal phase on different antennas
  • Sends a high gain antenna bean towards each client ensuring connection in longer ranes and better indoor penetration
  • Works with normal WiFi clients like notebooks, PDAs and WiFi phones
  • Equals to a 500 mWatt access point with a 17 dBi directional antenna, total capacity of 54 Mbps
  • Interference resilience due to narrow antenna beam and a sophisticated WiFi Interference Immunity Suite (WIIS)
  • Strong link budget for uplink connection with low power clients thanks to the high gain equivalent antenna
  • Connects laptops up to 1500 meters (free space) and outdoor WiFi CPEs up to 20 km (or more, depending on output power of the client)
  • Self-backhauling between the access point in a mesh topology without compromising the wireless media capacity
  • Compatible with all 802.11 a/b/g/n clients
  •  3x3:3 MIMO technology (Three streams)
  • Ruggedized IP 68 compliant enclosure
  • Exceptional NLOS performance
  • Bridge Mode, Router Mode, Integrated
    Access Controller
NetPoint Pro n2S5S

NetPoint Pro n2S5S


NetPoint Pro n is a family of advanced Gigabit outdoor Wi-Fi base stations operating in the 2.4 and 5 GHz unlicensed bands. NetPoint Pro n base stations use true two-way spatially adaptive Beam Forming together with 802.11n to deliver best range and capacity, addressing the rapidly growing needs for operators to deliver new content-rich services, while maintaining quality of service and profitability.

NetPoint Pro n base stations enable service providers, governments and enterprises to deliver high quality Wi-Fi services in metro and rural areas, with significantly fewer base stations, and at much lower costs.

NetPoint Pro n base stations combine Netronics true two-way Beam forming and interference immunity technologies together with 802.11n 3x3:3 MIMO, delivering best capacity and coverage, with speeds of up to 450 Mbps. NetPoint Pro n is a new market milestone.

NetPoint Pro n base stations are available in Omni and Sector form factors, with simultaneous 2.4 and 5 GHz band support, integrated backhauling, and a fully featured built-in Access Controller. NetPoint Pro n is complemented by Netronics service provisioning, management tools, and a span of WCPEs, enabling numerous urban and rural applications at the lowest cost per bit.

NetPoint Pro n base stations are carrier grade IP-68, designed to provide the highest reliability, quality of service, security and manageability. NetPoint Pro n base stations come with a complete set of FCAPS management tools.


Gigabit Outdoor Wi-Fi

NetPoint Pro n base stations support 802.11n with three spatial data streams, for transmitting at speeds of up to 450 Mbps, and aggregated capacities in the range of up to 1.35 Gbps per cell site with 3 unit of 120 degrees sector base stations.

Extended Outdoor and Indoor Coverage

The true spatially adaptive beam forming leverages a unique High Gain Diversely Polarized (HGDP) antenna array for maximum performance. With the beam forming signals traveling in different propagation paths are coherently combined at the receiver’s antenna. This increases coverage by up to 50%, enables NLOS connectivity and indoor signal penetration.

NetPoint Pro n2S5S

NetPoint Pro n2S5S - Back

 Dual frequency in one unit

With so many portable and hand held client device manufacturers starting to ship new devices in 5.8 GHz band, NetPoint Pro n is securing the future success of ISPs, enterprises and operators by providing coverage on both
frequency bands using one base station unit. This saves both CAPEX and OPEX for the service providers.

 Carrier Grade

NetPoint Pro n base stations are designed for high reliability and manageability, including a robust IP-68 enclosure for harsh environments, security and QoS features, FCAPS management suite, and simple and easy installation. NetPoint Pro n base stations are designed for integration and homologation with carriers' core.

Fastest Return On Investment

With fewer sites required per covered area, highest network reliability and enhanced service options, NetPoint Pro n provides up to 50% savings of CAPEX and OPEX and the fastest ROI.

Interference Immunity Suite

With a decade of outdoor Wi-Fi experience, Netronics Wi-Fi Interference Immunity Suite combines the inherent Beam Forming ability to suppress interference, the Dynamic Interference Handling (DIH) algorithm that continuously optimizes receiver’s parameters according to noise level, the Automatic Channel Selection (ACS) algorithm for best operating channel online selection, the WiFi Rate Adaptation (WARA) for optimal rate selection in environments with high interference, and the capabilities of both Down Tilted Antennas (DTA) and sector antennas to reject noise out of their field-of-view.

NetPoint Pro n Schematic

 Rich Embedded Networking

NetPoint Pro n base stations include rich embedded networking capabilities, including Bridging, Routing and a fully integrated Access Controller, for flexible service planning and reduced costs.


Netronics NetPoint Pro beam forming technology is also leveraged to create a strong and robust self-backhauling link with outstanding performance, even in non-line-of-sight environments. Netronics beam forming Self-Backhaul provides very high self-backhaul throughputs, with marginal effect on system capacity.

NetPoint Pro n2S5S

Inside NetPoint Pro n2S5S

Technology advantages

  • Increasing the capacity of the network, with more users per node and increased throughput for each user.
  • Extending the range of the node with to three times the coverage of existing wireless networks.
  • Delivering more uniform coverage than current solutions, with fewer non-line-of-sight dead spots - even indoors.
  • Alleviating the latency and jitter that lower transmission quality by minimizing the number of hops between access point and backhaul.
  • Improving the economics of wireless deployment by requiring fewer nodes and much less mounting hardware to cover the same area.

Netronics cost effective Wi-Fi infrastructure, offers uniform coverage with one third to one fifth of the number of base stations typically required for such installation.

The low number of base station can be translated to over 50% savings in both the initial infrastructure investment (CAPEX) and ongoing maintenance costs (OPEX).

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